Top Pokies in Australia


Just as playing the pokies at casinos has remained a national sensation and pastime for Australians, who, according to popular legend, would bet on two flies crawling up a wall, the online migration of pokies has taken off in popularity. Some of the best pokies games that we have found on the web are listed below.


This incredibly popular video pokey is based on "The Dark Knight" films series, whose hero is Batman, the self-made hero of Gotham City.

The game offers the same five-reel structure as most "one-armed bandit" pokey games, except with extra features like a progressive jackpot system that can exponentially increases with more bets.

Developed by Microgaming, a UK-based developer, The Dark Knight has about a 97% return rate, and the character system is a great way to build momentum. Any time Batman or the Joker appear on the screen, you have a chance to win 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier, as long as three or more have appeared.

The key to winning is using wilds, which stack up along with the multipliers above. If you can be patient and play smartly, you can build combinations that win big.


Another hit by Microgaming is "Immortal Romance," the first in a "saga" of games featuring undead characters. Also a 5-reel pokey, the game has elaborate and well-defined visuals featuring Vampires, werewolves, and other paranormal creatures, as well as an original soundtrack.

This game has a payout rate of 96% and has many opportunities for free spins, which can help build up to a big win.

As far as practical play, bonus features are the most important parts of the game. If you can match 3 scatter symbols in the primary window, you will be taken to the "Chamber of Spins," where you can select one of the four bonuses available to players.

The "Amber" bonus feature is available upon the first triggering of the "Chamber," which awards you 10 free spins, everything multiplied by 5, and the opportunity to win more free spins.

The "Troy" bonus becomes available after you hit the "Chamber" 5 times. This one gets you 15 free spins, and randomly changes some symbols into 2x and 3x multipliers, with a maximum of 6x at one time.

Next is the "Michael" bonus, which is available after 10 bonus triggers. This awards you 20 free spins and multiply the win upon further combinations, up to 5x.

Finally, the "Sarah" bonus is available after the "Chamber of Spins" has been reached 15 times. This bonus awards 25 free spins and the "wild vine" feature, which randomly changes some symbols "wild."

Getting more of these bonuses, progressively, is the key to accumulating a large win.


With 243 ways to win, this game can be a lot of fun. While there is not opportunity for big betting (the maximum bet per spin is $7.50), this game still offers the possibility of large payouts. 2000-coin rewards are the highest available in the first level, which can increase to up to 2,430,000 coins with 5-coin bets.

The game's "story" revolves around King Arthur and his knights, and their quest to find the island of Avalon. The game is a series of "stages" that allow access to different bonus rounds (a total of 8). These bonuses give multipliers and free spins.

Lake of Legend: Allows a roll of the dice.

Misty Vale: 15 spins, gratis.

Whispering Wood: Choose from 5 "Shields"

Forest Falls: 20 spins gratis.

Dusky Moors: match up two helmets for a prize.

Morgan's Keep: 20 spins, gratis.

Hall of Shadows: fight the "Black Knight" for a prize.

Isle of Avalon: Spin the wheel to win the game.


This game can only be described as a blockbuster, and is the follow-up to an already-popular pokey game, "Thunderstruck." The four main characters here are Loki, the Norse god of mischief; Valkyrie, one who decides which warriors should live or die; Thor, the Norse thunder god; and Odin, the ruler of all gods.

This popular game has 243 ways to win, and while the jackpots are not progressive, you can still win big by gaining free spins and multiplying your wins. The game logo is the "wild" symbol, and it is also a 2x payout. The "Wildstorm" trigger is a random feature that can turn up to five of the reels wild, which doesn't allow for free spins, but presents the highest jackpot: 1000 coins.

A scatter symbol is one which if landed on, multiplies the total bet. If you land at least three scatter symbols, you gain entry to the "Great Hall of Spins," which is an area where you get access to four "free-spins" games. At first, you have access to the Valkyrie feature, which is 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier (and the ability to retrigger the feature). After 5 triggers of the Great Hall, you can play the Loki feature, which is 15 free spins; after the 10th trigger you can play the Odin feature, which is 20 free spins; and after the 15th trigger you can play the Thor feature, which is 25 free spins with a "rolling reels" feature.


Based on the wildly popular 1980's film, "Terminator 2" shares the same plot: Sarah Connor and her son, John Connor, are attempting to escape from a robot sent from the future to kill them. The game's visuals are detailed and represent the film accurately, as well as the music and gameplay itself. The game features the likenesses of the original actors, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, in one of his most iconic roles.

In the basic level of the game, the "T-800 Vision" feature can be activated on non-winning spins, which gives rewards for high-value symbols. The highest bonus is given by the T-10000 symbol, but the scatter symbol is better to look for, since landing just one will give you free spins. The first time, you will get 10 free spins, with a new layout: 5x4 set of reels, which brings the win possibilities up to 1,204.

The T-1000 symbol changes when it is part of a winning spin, becoming a "wild" that will switch to whatever symbol is needed to give you the best possible combination.

Overall, the game is easy to play, fun, and gives great payouts without difficult odds. This is one of the best of 2024, and is sure to become a hit.