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Google Android is the one size fits all software of the smart phone world. Compatible with multiple different kinds of devices, this software is ideal for anyone who wants to put their own unique touch on their mobile experience… And now you can play online casino games on it too!

Google Android is the one size fits all software of the smart phone world. Compatible with multiple different kinds of devices, this software is ideal for anyone who wants to put their own unique touch on their mobile experience… And now you can play online casino games on it too! The very best gaming room for Android play is the top ranked Spin Palace Casino, featuring great welcome bonuses and a wide range of casino games.

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Recognizing the potential that Google Android presents, many online casinos have begun to move into this market and are going to great lengths to produce products that work seamlessly with the software. Not only does this give you a better gaming experience than you might otherwise get playing through a web browser, but it gives you this high level of quality wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing.

There are two ways to play casino online games on your Android device: either by installing a dedicated app on your handset or by accessing the mobile-friendly version of their website. The second method is the most commonly used to play free or real money games on mobile, however many casinos have picked up on the explosive popularity and high demand of mobile gaming and developed their own apps, which provide a smoother experience that takes advantage of all the features in your phone.


Whilst there are many reputable online casinos that offer fantastic services on Google Android, there are also many Android apps that could introduce viruses or other hidden malware to your device.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen we have provided a list of our top casino games that are available for Android. Each of these games are easy to install, they work from you Android device and they’re reputable, making it safe for you to play with real cash on them.


Finding the perfect casino online is a serious business for any successful bettor; find the wrong one and you could risk your reputation as a high-roller and compromise the safety of your bank details to boot! If you are playing on Android for the first time it is even more important that you remain vigilant to the pitfalls of online casino gambling to protect yourself and your winnings.

In our list, we have worked hard to provide you with a selection of reputable online casinos that use AUD and are compatible with Google smartphones or tablets. To ensure your satisfaction we have tested these casinos rigorously, testing everything from design to customer service.

Here are some of the important things that we looked at:

1. Speed and Gameplay

So you might be wondering: how well do casino games run on my smartphone and tablet?

With so many graphic-intensive, resource-guzzling games hitting the market, you'd expect to see some lagging when playing on smaller devices as compared to a desktop PC or Mac, or laptop. And to some extent you’re right, because there are still some mobile casinos out there that haven’t weathered well the transition to Android and deliver an inferior experience on Google’s mobile OS.

However, if you stick to our top picks features on this page we guarantee you won’t be disappointed as every casino here has been pre-tested on a variety of mobile devices to ensure they run at an optimal speed and deliver a sensation gameplay experience every time.

2. Effects on your device

Apps installed on mobile devices have a weird way of clashing with each other sometimes, usually because they need to use the same resources when running or trip each other up by having conflicting needs.

Since casino apps tend to be rather power-hungry, there’s a good chance that they'll interfere with the rest of the apps on your smartphone or tablet if they’re not coded correctly and cause your device to crash or worse, delete saved data.

To spare you the heartache and embarrassment, we've lined up the most popular Google Android devices at our offices and loaded them with the most common apps you’d find on the home screen. We then played casino games on each device while using other apps at the same time to find out how loading times, memory and other parameters where affected. Whenever a site or an app didn’t reach our benchmarks, we struck them off our list, leaving only the contenders that are worthy of your attention.

3. Banking

Time and time again we find banking to be the players’ #1 concern when playing at online casinos. Aussie players are extremely conscious about security and reliability when it comes to transferring money online, which is why our team put their own money on the line to try out the different options available in the cashier by depositing and withdrawing cash.

Whenever we found a casino that didn’t offer mobile-friendly payment methods we immediately disqualified them from our selection process, so you can be sure that all the sites you see here have been verified to offer banking on mobile.

Naturally, all the sites listed here accept AUD deposits and pay out in Aussie dollars as well, so you won’t miss out on your winnings due to pesky exchange rates.


Sign up to one of our tried and tested Google Android casinos to earn a special bonus that we've negotiated. You can play Google Android games for free or for real money, but if you want to claim this bonus you will have to make a deposit. Don't forget, if you don’t bet money, then you can’t win money!

Claire Heath

Finding the right Android casino is serious business, and we have worked hard to provide a selection of reputable Android casinos.

Claire Heath


Can I play in casinos with my Android device?

Absolutely! There's nothing to stop you from playing online games on your Android devices.

Which phone/tablet versions are supported?

There are plenty of phones and tablets that support Google Android. Some of the best phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Google Nexus 6P. The best tablets are Google Pixel C, Google Nexus 9, Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up to an online casino, login on your mobile browser or download their app, and start playing!

Which games are popular with Aussie players?

There are plenty of popular casino online Android games in Australia. Some of the most popular are Zynga Poker, Royal Baccarat, and Big Win Slots.

Should I use casino apps or sites?

This really is down to your personal preference. If you have a poor Internet connection, you may find that using a website is a little slow, so it's best to opt for the Android app.

How does Android play differ from desktop?

Screen size and the choice of games are the two biggest differences between desktop and Android: both are smaller. You can minimise this difference by playing on a tablet and choosing a high quality, reputable Google Android casino.

Will my personal details remain safe & secure?

Software like Microgaming/Spin3 and IGT are used by most online casinos to guarantee data encryption. These prevent unwanted third parties from seeing your account details and movement.