Guide to Live Dealer Blackjack

Top Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos For Aussies

Blackjack may be an exciting game to play at online casino, but it doesn’t compare to a live game in which you face off with a real live Aussie blackjack dealer. Your experience will be even sweeter when your card happens to be a 10, pushing his 16 over the edge and handing you a major win. This type of interaction is unique to live blackjack, so a regular online blackjack cannot measure up – no matter how good the graphics and animations may be.

Live blackjack manages to merge remote game play with the real Sydney casino feel, creating an impeccably great version of the game that is close to what you would experience in person. If you want the real deal along with a healthy first deposit bonus, be sure to play live deal blackjack at our number one online gaming room, Spin Palace Casino. Keep on reading this review for more tips and information about playing blackjack online live:

  • The perks of playing blackjack with a live dealer
  • Important things to note whilst playing
  • Where to find the best live blackjack online destinations
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Why Nothing Beats A Live Blackjack Online Experience

If you have already played online blackjack, you will be familiar with that horrible feeling of watching the dealer reach 21 from a low hand, easily defeating your King and Queen. While the initial reaction would be to think that the game is fixed, the truth is that they are not. At least you can be rest assured that the games have been tested for fairness and randomness when you play at a reputable online Aussie casino.

If you still feel unsure about playing online blackjack, you will definitely feel reassured when you play live dealer blackjack. You will never know who is behind an online game, but you can physically see the dealer flipping over the cards in live blackjack, so you know that the deck cannot be rigged. Even though losing an almost perfect hand still sucks, at least you will have someone to get angry at if it happens (but remember to still be nice)!

What To Consider Before Hitting

Live dealer blackjack provides a truly genuine real casino experience when compared to regular online blackjack, but it is also a bit slower. As opposed to other live dealer casino games that have small betting limits starting from $1, you might be a bit surprised to learn that most Australian live dealer blackjack sites don't offer $1 tables. Generally, the minimum betting limit when you play blackjack live is $5 per hand. The reason behind this is that the game takes a longer time to finish, so fewer hands are played in a given minute than you would play at regular online blackjack tables.

Irrespective of this, most players aren't too fussed with these betting limits, especially if they play live blackjack at land-based casinos. If you visit the Crowne Melbourne, it will be quite impossible to find a $5 table to play at, especially if you visit the casino at prime time gaming hours on a weekend. When you play Australian live blackjack, you are guaranteed that the minimum betting limits will not change depending on the day or time, so you can always play at the same betting limit whenever you want!

The Dealer Is Your Friend

An incredible feature of live dealer blackjack is the chat function that allows players to interact with the dealer in real time. The live video feeds that you receive are not pre-recorded, so you actually get to speak and communicate with actual blackjack dealers while the game progresses. You can even ask the dealer to hit or stand on a specific hand, and they always answer you through audio in a friendly manner. In many cases, they're knowledgeable on what the book says, so they are very helpful just like the live blackjack dealers you find at land-based casinos.

Playing On The Go

If playing live blackjack online from the comfort of your home is great, then playing from your mobile device is even better! Mobile online casinos have gained incredible popularity over the past few years, and many of the top gambling destinations have stepped up to the new mark.

Delivering brilliant mobile casino platforms, for avid Aussie player to enjoy. Meaning you can now use any tablet or smartphone to play live dealer blackjack from any place you like!

Discover The Top Australian Online Sites

If you are looking for an Aussie site to play live blackjack at, then we have some tips for you! Some live dealer blackjack websites offer more realistic graphics than others, while others will entice you with better bonuses or faster payouts. Our team of experts has combed through every site to bring you the top live dealer blackjack Australian sites, so make sure you visit these through the links we have provided.

Aiden Palazzi

Live blackjack manages to merge remote gameplay with the real Sydney casino feel, creating an impeccable version of the game.

Aiden Palazzi


How will live dealer blackjack work?

All that you need to do is login to your gaming account, select the live blackjack game and start playing! You do not need to use a webcam or special equipment to play, but we recommend a powerful internet connection.

Will it be safe?

All games at the online casinos listed in this page are safe and secure, so you be rest assured that live blackjack is 100% safe and that your personal or financial information will not be in danger.

Is live blackjack popular?

We would not be writing this page if it wasn’t! The number of live blackjack players is constantly on the rise, so make sure that you are one of them.

Are there certain times I cannot play?

Live blackjack is available for play 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Will the games work on a mobile device?

Yes, live blackjack games on the sites listed in this page are compatible with mobile devices.

Is it possible to test the game before signing up?

Most online casinos allow players to play their games for free without the need to create an account, so click on the links and see which websites allow you to do this.

Can I use a strategy online?

Even though blackjack is a game of chance, each player might want to use a preferred strategy to help them increase their chances of winning.