Guide to Live Dealer Roulette

Enjoy Live Dealer Roulette In 2024

We know that you are just itching to transition from playing roulette at an Australian brick and mortar casino to playing at an online casino. You've heard your buddies talking about how realistic internet gambling is, but once you decide to give it a shot you quickly notice some obvious differences. Even though roulette may be your favourite game, the excitement of being around other players and the dealer rolling the ball is completely missing. We are here to tell you to not give up just yet, as you still have to try live roulette online.

This version of the all–time classic casino game includes an actual person spinning the wheel and paying you out, making it the most realistic internet gambling experience that you will find. Plus, we offer you the chance to collect a generous welcome bonus while enjoying live roulette at our number one gaming room, Spin Palace Casino. So keep on reading to find out more about this revelation, we'll cover the following:

  • The perks you'll get from playing live dealer roulette
  • Important points for roulette play in 2024
  • Where to find the top live roulette destinations for Aussies
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Trust Us - You'll Love Playing Live Roulette

When the first internet roulette site hit the market, there was a great deal of excitement at the possibility of playing casino games from the comfort of your own home. Ever since the first virtual roulette table welcomed players, there have been countless variants and roulette games online. Even though seasoned players enjoy it, newer players still question whether these games are actually rigged.

Reputable online casinos undergo regular testing to ensure that their software complies with fairness rules and regulations, so you are guaranteed a safe and fair gaming experience.

When it comes to live dealer casino Australia sites, you are completely safe. As opposed to the digitally produced roulette wheel and dealer, players enjoying live roulette will receive a live video feed from inside a casino. The feed contains a roulette table complete with an actual wheel and a live dealer that monitors all bets and pays people out.

Points To Keep In Mind Before Facing A Live Dealer

Live dealer roulette is the most authentic casino experience that you can possibly find in Australia. We suggest that you play live roulette on a solid and fast internet connection, as the game uses a lot of bandwidth. Players that have already played online roulette at a non-live dealer casino Australia website will be well aware at how fast the game can get. Whether you win and lose, you can sometimes hit the spin button multiple times in a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, the fast paced online casino experience is not possible even at the best live dealer roulette site. This is because you are sharing the table with other players who are playing the same game as you – just like in a real casino. As such, the dealer needs to wait for everyone to place their bets before they can spin the wheel. Despite the fact that you cannot control how fast the game proceeds, it provides a unique experience that is exactly what you would expect from a realistic live roulette online game.

Get Personal With The Dealer

The live dealers at online casino Australia sites are not just there for show. They are really friendly people that you have easily have a conversation with! Even though most sites don't really offer two-way audio chat, you can use the super easy live chat function to type in comments, questions, or even share a joke. The live dealer on the online roulette Australia site will not be answering you back in the chat window, but will be actually speaking back to you through audio and video.

While there is no technological barrier preventing players from using their microphone to chat with the dealer, this is generally disabled. Remember, there are a lot of other players playing the same game, so it could get pretty noisy if everyone speaks at the same time.

Live Roulette At Your Fingertips

Mobile Internet gambling has become a world of its own, outside of desktop play, with more and more online casino players wanting to be able to take their favourite games on the go with them. This has meant that many of the best online casinos around have had to step up their game and offer a mobile friendly version of their much loved websites.

Here at we understand the need to be able to take your casino online play anywhere at any time, which is why all the sites listed on this page have mobile device compatibility. No more having to close a game when you're in the middle of racking up some massive winnings, simply load it up on your mobile device and keep playing.

So you can now enjoy live roulette at your finger tips on your smartphone or tablet!

Find Top Live Australian Roulette Sites

Live dealer casino Australia sites are increasingly become popular, and more and more roulette players are trying to get in on the action. With so many options, we want to make sure that you're playing at a site you can trust, ones that offer a great live roulette experience, and ones that pay you out quickly.

Instead of letting you waste your time searching for a great site, you just use our expertly researched list of top live dealer casinos for Australian players. Click the link on this page to get setup with a free account, and you will even qualify for a special bonus that we've negotiated just for you!

Aiden Palazzi

Live dealer roulette is the most authentic casino experience you'll find in Australia. Win or lose, you'll find dealers are really friendly and helpful.

Aiden Palazzi


How does live roulette work?

All that you need to do is connect to your casino account and select the live roulette game. You video feed will start and you can immediately place your bets and interact with the real dealer.

Is it safe for me to play online?

Live roulette is totally safe – even though you can see the dealer, they cannot see you or your home. The dealer will also have no access to your personal or financial information, so you do not need to worry!

How popular with Aus players is it?

Live roulette is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, especially with players that cannot afford to visit the land based casino every other week.

At what times can I play?

You can play live roulette 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Are the games compatible with mobiles?

Yes, all the live roulette games listed in this page are compatible with mobile devices.

Can I play for free before betting real cash?

Of course you can, and you definitely should!

Can I use strategy?

Even though roulette is a game of probability, players might have certain strategies that they have used in online and land based roulette versions. If this gives you an advantage you should definitely use it!