Guide to Casino Bonuses

Your One Stop Guide To Casino Online Bonuses

Dreams mean something, as a few psychologists will tell you. A common dream is walking into a land casino, only to be handed a few hundred AUD for you to use at your leisure.

If you find that you experience these dreams yourself, it might mean that you’re unsatisfied with your experience with physical casinos. You might find yourself needing a little more incentive to keep playing. Thanks to online casinos, you will receive free money just for signing up! In fact, our number one Australian online gaming establishment, Spin Palace Casino, offers new players a massive welcome bonus and more. Find out more about how this works by reading this article.

  • What each different bonus offers online players
  • The availability of bonuses for mobile users
  • Where to find the best casino online bonuses
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First Deposit Bonuses

The first type of bonus that will catch your eye when you browse a casino will be the first deposit bonus, which seems self-explanatory: it’s a sum of money you get just for signing up and making your first casino payment. The process is the same for most bonuses – usually all you need to do is sign up, deposit, and proceed to play.

Not all bonuses are the same, though. Some welcome bonuses are fixed amounts, so you’ll get a specific chip value credited into your account no matter how high your initial deposit is. For example, if the bonus is $30, you’ll get that amount regardless of whether you deposit $20 or $50. You can find more detail in our online casino bonus guide.

Sometimes, this kind of fixed-money bonus can be no-deposit, meaning that you can just sign up and play. You will, however, need to eventually wager an amount larger than the bonus to withdraw winnings made from it.

On the other hand, some bonuses will match your deposit by a certain percentage. If, for example, an Australian online casino has a welcome bonus of 100%, you’ll get an extra $100 if you deposit $100. Do keep in mind that sometimes this only works to a specific amount – a welcome bonus might be 100% up to $200, for instance, which means that it will capped at this number regardless of whether you deposit more.

Always ensure that the welcome bonus is to your liking. Don’t just see the flashy numbers, but read the fine print and see that the conditions surrounding the bonus are manageable.

Extra Bonuses & Rewards

The really great news is that welcome bonuses are not the be-all and end-all of casino perks. The best casinos will give you plenty of chances to nab free stuff, including free spins and competition points that you might get via promotions that prop up occasionally or simply by winning them during gameplay.

Reward points are cool exclusive currency that you can use to fund real-life items, such as casino merchandise or even more luxurious items like electronic devices and travel. What this means is that you get the opportunities to get some really amazing stuff for just playing away at your favourite casino games! Of course, it can be daunting to find the best reward schemes, but that’s why we did the work for all our Aussie players.

VIP Programs

It must take a lot to join one of these super exclusive VIP clubs, right? Not at all! Most clubs are actually not exclusive at all – you might be automatically entered in the club as soon as you make your first deposit. There are no unfair bureaucracies here. Going up the VIP ladder depends entirely on your dedication and will to keep playing.

One of the best way to get bonuses, though, is through a casino’s VIP and Rewards programs. If you’re a VIP, you’ll be treated like one. That mean’s higher table limits, more reward points, as well as even cooler perks like being allowed to withdraw more money per day. There are different tiers to a VIP club and the higher up the ladder you go, the sweeter your casino life gets.

Bonuses & Mobile Casinos

What if you’re more of a mobile player? No problem – the best sites nowadays will give you access to the same smartphone casino apps as you’ll get by playing on your desktop! There’s zero reason to feel left out, providing you choose the right casino app.

Often, playing at a mobile casino online will garner you even more benefits. The top casino sites out there will offer up exclusive bonuses for players that choose to gamble with their mobile devices. So, you'll never be missing out.

The Best Bonuses

You should be aware at this point of how important it is to look out for great bonuses – but isn’t that a big chore? A little bit, yes – but not to worry! We’ve hunted down the top Australian online casinos ourselves for you to choose from. What’s more is that we’ve got our own download links for you to access the websites and software.

On the theme of bonuses, when you use our exclusive links, you get access to a special bonus that we’ve negotiated just for our audience – so don’t miss out on that!

Aiden Palazzi

Thanks to online casinos, you will receive free money just for signing up! We've hunted down the top Australian online casinos for you.

Aiden Palazzi


How does a casino online bonus work?

Generally, when you make your first deposit an online casino will offer you a percentage of that deposit in bonus money. So, if the deposit bonus is 100% and you deposit $100, then you’ll have $200 to play with.

Are they offered to Australian players?

Absolutely! Although make sure that the bonus is offered in AUD rather than any other currency to avoid disappointment.

What makes me eligible for bonuses?

This varies from site to site, but usually all Australian online casinos offer a sign up bonus for your first deposit.

Can I use multiple bonuses?

If there are multiple bonuses on offer, then yes you can!

Should I pick a site with the largest bonuses?

Not necessarily. Many online casinos lure players in with large bonuses and then make it very hard for online gamers to withdraw any winnings they gain from using the bonus. Many online casinos require you to bet a multiple of your winnings before you can withdraw them. So, for example, if you’ve won $10 and the multiple is x10, then you would have to bet $100 before you could withdraw the $10 winnings. Always double check the T&Cs to ensure that the requirements are within your budget.

Can I withdraw the bonuses?

You can’t withdraw the bonuses, but you can withdraw any winnings you gain from the bonuses.

Are bonuses available on mobile devices too?

Absolutely! Bonuses are a part of your account, so you can access it on your desktop or mobile devices.