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The number of people turning to online casinos on a daily basis is becoming increasingly larger. All these players are beginning to see the advantages that lie hidden in the online world of gambling.

Once you decide to explore a casino online, you’ll find that you get access to an impressive array of games. Most reputable operators nowadays supply players with a wealth of games. You can choose between pokies, roulette or blackjack and you’ll find many versions for your pleasure. Plus, the betting limits on games can be adjusted to have a larger range by simply clicking a button.

Did you know, a whopping 29% of gamers are actually players above the age of 50? Age hasn’t stopped these folks, and why should it? Become a member of the very best and top rated online gaming room in Western Australia, Spin Palace Casino. Gambling communities are fast becoming trendy and give you the opportunity to still mix and mingle with people without having to set foot outside of your home.

Those in Western Australia will discover a wealth of information concerning:

  • Land based casinos and other types of betting in the state
  • Gambling laws that control bettors and players in the region
  • Online casinos that welcome players located in Victoria
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There is never a dull moment in Western Australia with favorable weather; spending life outdoors is part and parcel of living here. Day and night, one can always find something to do and amuse oneself with. People in Western Australia know how to have fun and spend their weekends looking for more things to enjoy. Some people find nightlife to be their true calling. Bars, casinos and pubs are always operating in full swing, making them popular hangout spots for both men and women. Western Australia is also home to the Crown Perth, one of the premier attraction sites of the state.

Alternately, if days are spent indoors, Western Australia has a remedy too. There’s an exciting option for those who love to gamble. Online casinos are a favorite pastime for most people. At any hour of the day, you can easily log on to your computer and visit an inviting establishment online. There are plenty of chances for you to win prizes, real cash and bonuses, from the very comfort of home. In fact, some online casino operators have started providing mobile gambling options. Thus making gambling all the more accessible: you could be on your lunch break or on the train home, when you hit the jackpot!

However, with the number of casinos online increasing every day, it is very difficult for most casino players to decide where to gamble. Everyone wants to make the best selection amongst the lot. If you are looking for the best resource to help you get started, then look no further. Casinoonline.com.au is your one stop website for all the latest action on all things casino and where to find the best casino websites to play games at.


Many people living in Western Australia may not be aware of the fact that there is a governing body that watches out for them to make sure that the casino houses they frequent are operating ethically and are not ripping them off. The department that is responsible for this crucial task is the Department of Gambling, Racing and Liquor.

Every gambling house that is in operation in Western Australia must operate with the proper authority and licensing from this department. Failure to comply and uphold the necessary standards can see a gaming house lose its license.

Something that many players may also not be aware of is that all the online casinos they play at are not in fact local casino houses. There are no Australian casino houses online because of an Act that was passed in 2001 by the Australian government which prohibits Australian gaming entities from operating online casinos. It is not illegal however, for Australian residents to play online casino games operated by offshore entities.


Online casino games available for Western Australians are always run by foreign operators. There are numerous operators online: honest or those with no honor. So, one has to be very careful about the websites they choose to play on.

A quick way to check whether or not a website is genuine is to read reviews about it and hear what other people have said about it. You should keep a lookout for logos and awards too. This is a sure fire way to separate scamming and dangerous websites from the ones that offer fair playing standards.

An even better way to find out if a website is the real deal or not is to check our list of accredited and approved casinos here at casinoonline.com.au. This helps make sure you are playing on a safe and secure gaming website. The websites we have listed are tried and tested, they afford Western Australians the opportunity to enjoy a quick game no matter where they are.

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In West Australia explore casinos online and get access to an impressive array of games, including pokies, roulette and blackjack.

Tyson Gregor