Guide to Live Dealer Baccarat

The Best Australian Live Baccarat Casino 2024

Anyone who’s played baccarat before will be familiar with the way the betting works ' you can bet both on yourself and on the banker (the dealer). But what if you could actually do more than bet on the banker 'what if you could speak to them as if they were right there in front of you?

That's where live dealer baccarat comes in. Bringing all the fun and excitement of a real live baccarat table to your own home. Play live dealer baccarat at our top rated gaming room, Spin Palace Casino, and enjoy a hefty welcome bonus and fantastic casino action. To learn more about live dealer baccarat gambling, read on:

  • What exactly is live dealer baccarat?
  • All the info you'll need to get started at a top online casino
  • The best live baccarat casino online sites in 2024
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What’s The Difference Between Standard And Live Baccarat?

In the standard version of online baccarat, you can yell at your screen when you win but no one will answer. There’s no one behind the screen dealing the hands, just random number generators. In live baccarat, you get to interact with a real person in front of you to who will answer your questions and converse with you, like you would in a land-based casino. You also have the option of having video conversations with other players too.

You place your bets the same way you do in standard online baccarat, but through the magic of live video and audio, the automated dealing system is replaced with an actual dealer who flips over real cards. Now you’re interacting with other players playing the same game and challenging your dealer in the most realistic way possible and it's pretty amazing.

Live Chat With Your Baccarat Dealer

The difference between a land casino dealer and a live baccarat dealer is that the live dealer can't actually hear you, they can’t even see you, but you can see them. So you chat with them through text and they will respond by speaking to you. It's just like being there, except you have the option of remaining anonymous.

Now before you jump right into a live baccarat online casino, there's some important stuff you should know.

Useful Tips Before Registering

Before committing yourself to a single live baccarat casino, it’s wise to try out their games in ‘free mode’, that way you can make sure you like the casino and the game. Many casinos will let you do this so you don’t need to deposit any money right away, but of course, it also means you can’t win any real money unless you deposit.

Playing for free will also help you practise the game to build your skill and confidence, so that when the time comes to deposit you will stand a better chance of winning.

The minimum bet when you practise in free mode is as little as $0.01 (play money), however when you switch to real mode the minimum bet will be somewhere between $1 and $5. So make sure you shop around to see what the minimum bets are in different casinos before sitting down to play.

Mobile Gambling And Other Compatible Platforms

These casinos operate through web browsers alone; this eliminates having to download any additional software as it only works with live streaming. All you do is log in to the live baccarat casino and start playing.

You can use any platform - laptop or desktop, or even mobile devices and tablets. This allows you to play live baccarat anywhere you go, as long as you have a live internet connection. It’s advisable that you connect via strong and stable connections, such as the one you have at home instead of a public wireless connection, since live video and audio transmission takes up more bandwidth. Playing on a stronger connection will ensure you avoid annoying lag time and that your live gaming experience will be a smooth and enjoyable one.

The Best Online Baccarat Sites

We've probably got you all hyped up about playing live baccarat online by now, so where do you go now to find a live dealer and start making your wagers? Choosing a live baccarat casino isn’t always easy since there are so many sites that offer live games, but few live up to the gameplay experience quality that they promise you.

Luckily, we’ve already done the grunt work for you and all you have to do is choose the live baccarat casino that attracts you the most. Every site featured on this page has been extensively tested by our reviewers to make sure that they deliver live baccarat with competent dealers who will take your bets and deal properly according to the rules.

It’s not just the people on the other side of the screen that matter when playing live casino, but the software that connects you together as well. We tried different casinos and selected those with the best software, which gave us crystal-clear and lag-free video that is so important to make live baccarat online feel and play like the real thing.

Check out our featured links to start wagering real bets in AUD. New players that sign up through this page qualify for a special welcome bonus that we’ve managed to put together with help from the site owners just for you. Some of our picks let you play baccarat for free, so hurry up and try it now you've got nothing to lose.

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With live baccarat you can interact with a real person who will converse with you just like at a land-based casino.

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How does live baccarat work online?

A real dealer deals the game in a studio in front of a camera. This is streamed and connected to a player’s computer or device in real time, allowing them to play and bet accordingly. For the most part, live baccarat works in the same way as it would in a regular land casino.

Is it safe for me to play?

When you play at any of our recommended Australian live baccarat casinos, you can rest assured that your personal data is kept safe and that the game you play has been audited for fairness by an independent body.

How popular is live baccarat?

It is one of the most popular casino games, particularly amongst Australian players. It triumphs over its standard counterpart because it is the closest thing to a real face-to-face game.

When is it available to play?

You can play at any time you want - it’s available 24/7.

Are these games compatible with mobiles?

Yes, there’s a growing number of online casinos that offer live games played on mobile devices or tablets.

Can I try the game before playing for real cash?

Yes, most online casinos will let you register and play live baccarat for free before playing for real money.

Are the games rigged?

No - all the games featured here have been independently audited and checked for fairness.