Casino and Gambling Terms


Online casinos and online games have their own lingo or at least their own terms that you ought to be familiar with. We have compiled a list of the most commonly used terms for playing in online casinos.

Ante: A forced bet in poker

Bankroll: The amount of money a player has for gambling

Basic Strategy: A simple strategy for playing blackjack with the best odds

Bet: Wager

Betting Limits: The minimum or maximum bets a player may place

Bet Max: The maximum credits a player can bet on pokies. In poker, it can mean to go "all in"

Bust: To go over 21 in blackjack and automatically lose the hand

Card Counting: A blackjack strategy for live dealer blackjack or land-based casinos

Chips: The plastic disks used instead of real money for playing games like roulette or poker

Collect: Convert your credits into cash when playing pokies

Credits: The units a player bets on pokies

Croupier: The French name for a dealer in roulette or other classic casino games

Deal: To distribute cards to the players at a table

Dealer: The person who distributes the cards at a table. This can be the croupier or a player, depending on the game

Deposit:Paying money into the gaming account in order to bet using real money

Doubling down: A player's bet in blackjack is doubled and he receives one more card

Edge: If a player has the edge, he has an advantage over other players

Encryption: Encoded information that makes online deposits secure for players and protects their data

European Blackjack: Played with six 52-card decks

Face card: Cards that show a face, e.g. jacks, queens and kings

Flash software: This type of software is suitable for playing on cell phones, tablets and Macs as no download is needed

Free spin: A bonus spin on pokies

Hand: The cards dealt to a player in a card game, i.e. blackjack or poker

Hard hand: A hand that does not contain an ace in blackjack

High roller: A player who makes big bets using real money

Hit: Taking another card in blackjack

Hole Card: The cards dealt face down in games like blackjack or poker

Insurance: In blackjack, a player can buy insurance when the dealer shows an ace. This way, he gets his money back when the dealer wins with a blackjack

Jackpot: The highest win possible on pokies

Payline: The winning symbols have to appear on this line to be eligible for a win

Payout Table: This diagram explains the winning symbol combinations on pokies

Progressive Jackpots: The jackpot will keep on growing until a lucky winner cracks it

RNG: Random Number Generator ensures that numbers randomly show up and that the game is fair

Scatter Symbol: Randomly appearing symbols on pokies that can start bonus features or bonus games

Soft hand: A hand containing an ace in blackjack

Suit: Clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds are suits

Wager: Bet

Welcome Bonus: A bonus paid to first time depositors in most online casinos

Wild card: A wild card in pokies is the same as a joker in card games, it substitutes a winning symbol

There are obviously a lot more specialist casino and game terms, but you will pick them up as you learn the rules of casino and card games. Alternatively, you can look online specifically for the terms used in the casino game of your choice.

Have a look at the online casinos we have tested and rated for you and give it a go! Have fun!