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Since its introduction, online gambling has slowly but surely seen an increase in popularity. A large number of gamblers prefer playing online for a variety of reasons. For beginners, it is convenient and extremely easy. You’re only required to connect to the internet. The casinos remain open every single day, all hours of the day. You never need to “get ready”, as there’s never a need to leave the comfort of your armchair.

You’ll be greeted by vivid and sharp graphics when you visit. All casinos offer different sign up bonuses to welcome new players. Expect hundreds of games on offer. There are plenty of VIP programs open to you, even if you’re a beginner. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can find many tournaments to challenge your wits.

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Tasmania makes no excuse for its fun-filled, easy and relaxed atmosphere. There is no rush in Tasmania and life seems to revolve around the joys to be had. With only two casinos in this great state, you’ll find that they are almost always busy with avid gamers and those hoping to strike gold.

The casinos do get crowded, and the noise can get out of control. Are you the kind of person who enjoys playing in casinos but can’t stand the noise and disgruntled gamblers? If so, you just might be interested in the solution we’ve got for your problems.

At casinoonline.com.au, we’re dedicated to solve this grueling headache for you. On this website, you will find a list of all the accredited, safe and secure gambling websites that you can trust. We’ve taken into account if the casino offers a great bonus and is fair about wagering requirements. We also ensure that it has a great selection of games for you to choose and has a variety in the game categories.

You no longer have to endure a lack of focus, just chill on your sofa and win big, starting tonight!


Australia takes its responsibility to look out for its people seriously, especially when it comes to the gaming and gambling industry. Within each state, a governing entity has been deployed and is in charge of all things related to gambling in that state.

In Tasmania, the body responsible for this is the Tasmanian Gaming Commission. They issue out licenses, they decide who can be in operation and who does not qualify. They regulate the rules to ensure that gaming houses are not ripping people off. They are there to protect the community at large.

In light of this, it is also important to mention that in Tasmania and indeed the rest of the country, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 is in force. As such, Australian casino houses are not permitted to establish online casinos to serve Aussies residing in the country.

Luckily, there is no ban on offshore casino operators. So, every gambler in Tasmania can get their fill of online gambling, whenever they want to. If you’re in the mood for some pokies, blackjack or poker, let nothing stop you from beginning right away.


In order to attract gamers and keep them coming back to play, a great casino has to offer a variety of games. There have to be slot machines, poker, game tables and roulette.

For online gamblers, because there are literally hundreds of casinos to choose from, choosing can sometimes be overwhelming. You can thank your lucky stars because we have tried to lighten your burden. We have compiled some websites that are trustworthy and efficient in delivering a great gaming experience. You can find these websites on our selected choice list here at casinoonline.com.au

One of the major issues with online gambling is the lack of oversight. As the online world is currently unregulated with many gray areas, it’s important to note that not every casino online is legitimate. Unfortunately, there are many casinos that exist simply to scam people of their money. Be wary of certain online casinos that appear in your search results.

At the end, just remember, online casinos are eventually supposed to be your big ticket to entertainment and winnings. Don’t waste your time worrying too much: gamble and get a shot at winning real money. But at the same time, use our trusted list of casinos so that you are safe while playing.

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