Australian Dollar Online Casinos

A Guide To AUD Online Casinos For Aussie Players

Have you ever been frustrated by the unfair exchange rates imposed on AUD users? Annoyed at the huge conversion fees? Well, then we have good news for you! It’s time to wave goodbye to your problems and start playing your favourite games for real Australian dollars.

By using an Australian online casino, you can place real money bets using Australian dollars. Join Spin Palace Casino today, our top rated Australian casino, and play the biggest pokies and best games using AUD. That means you can make you deposits and withdraw your winnings using the currency of your choice; no more exchange rates, no more fees and ten times the fun!

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Stick To Sites Accepting Australian Dollars

Aussie dollars are the currency you use for everything in real life and to buy stuff online too, so why shouldn’t you use AUD to play at an internet casino too? You probably already manage all of your financial matters in Australian dollars and understandably you can’t be bothered trying to convert bet from American to Australian money every time you make a wager.

Frankly, nothing beats the convenience of depositing and playing online games using AUD. More importantly, when it’s time to withdraw those winnings, you won’t get smacked over the head with unfavourable exchange rates and additional fees by your bank.

So here’s how we see it. Each time you play at a casino that accepts AUD, you’re doing yourself a favour. Otherwise, you’re simply leaving some moolah on the table money that rightfully belongs to you. That’s why we encourage all Aussie players to stick to sites that take Australian currency, and on this page you’ll find a list of our top recommended online casinos where you can play games in Australian dollars.

Spotting High Quality AUD Casino Sites

There are several attributes that a top-notch Aussie casino online should have... accepting AUD payments is just one of them. However, a top AUD casino also backs up their cashier options with a level of service that is tailored to the needs of players based in Australia.

Basically, the people running the show should understand how to give Aussie players a great experience on their site, which has many different aspects, including: having customer service hours that make sense to the time zone of your territory, offering fast and easy cash outs using withdrawal methods that are commonly used in OZ, and obviously deposits using AUD.

If a casino has all these qualities and speaks the local lingo (“online pokies” not “online slots”), then there’s a good chance you’ll be a happy and satisfied customer playing there.

Depositing & Withdrawing In AUD

It doesn’t take much effort to slap an “Australian players accepted” label on a website, but not every casino online that makes that claims can truly give Aussie players the type of personal attention that is relevant for them. This is most evident in the payment methods that they offer in their cashier.

If you want to people to bank in Australian dollars, then you need to give them deposit and withdrawal options that make sense for them. This means going beyond the usual Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards that everybody offers, but to provide alternatives that are popular with players in Oz – such as POLi, which is Australia’s most popular online payment method. These alternative diversify your ability to play real cash games in AUD and add greatly to the speed and ease with which you can play.

All the sites featured on this page have been systematically checked to ensure that they offer Australia-friendly banking options for real money players.

Using AUD For Mobile Casinos

Our chosen AUD online casinos offer a service that is compatible with mobile devices whilst still maintaining the same high quality gaming experience of their desktop counterpart.

You can access the games either via a downloadable app or through using a web browser: each online casino has its own system. However, no matter which games you choose to play, you can be sure that all the AUD mobile casinos we’ve chosen offer an online cashier that accepts Australian Dollars for both deposits and withdrawals.

Claiming Bonuses In AUD

Most players agree that the best thing about online casinos are the promotions and special deals they offer, including the chance to earn free cash or free spins on your favourite pokies. That being said, you could be in for a huge disappointment when you play at casinos that only accept foreign currency, since they may place restrictions on the ability of players depositing AUD to claim certain bonuses.

That’s yet another reason why we recommend you browse through our featured AUD casino and pick one that suits you best. It’s the only way you can be 100% sure that your money isn’t going to waste and that it lets you seize every opportunity that crosses your path in the casino lobby.

Explore The Best AUD Sites

Use our list of top AUD online casinos to find the online casino you want. We've done all the work so that you can find sites that accept Australian dollars with ease. What’s more, our top picks do far more than accept AUD for deposits and withdrawals; they also offer Australian-friendly bonuses as well as excellent levels of customer service with a local twist.

On top of that, we have also negotiated a number of special bonuses for anyone who uses the download links on this page – so why not make the most of it today!

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Use an Australian online casino to place real money bets with AUD. No more exchange rates, no more fees and ten times the fun!

Claire Heath


Can I play in Australian Dollars?

Yes! We have taken care to choose online casinos that accept deposits and withdrawals in AUD.

Is it accepted at most casinos online?

Unfortunately, no. However, if you choose from one of the casinos we’ve chosen then you’ll be sure of an Aussie friendly experience.

What are the benefits of playing in AUD?

If you bet in your own currency, then you don’t have to pay out extra cash for exchange rates or banking fees.

Should I steer clear of using other currencies?

Not necessarily, this entirely depends on your own personal preference and whether or not you regularly use money of a different currency. If you only use AUD, then the chances are that only betting in AUD is best for you.

Which deposit method should I use?

There are loads of deposit methods to choose from, including e-wallets, credit and debit cards, bank transfers and more. Simply choose the one that’s most convenient!