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In a society where almost one third of 16 year olds have gambled online, Australia is fast becoming a hotspot for the online gaming industry.

Casinos online have a wide selection in all game categories. You can indulge in some classic pokies or pull levers at video based slots. Trying your luck at table games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat is also an option. Moreover, having a realistic experience isn’t all that difficult. A majority of online casinos accommodate “live” versions of these games with dealers hosting in real time. A table is always open, whether you roll low or happen to like playing big.

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If you’re in Victoria, we have the information and facts you want about:

  • Wagering and gambling in the region with the casino opportunities
  • Local laws focused on gambling and gaming in Victoria
  • Top ranked online casinos and the various exciting games and promotions they offer
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The state of Victoria is absolutely not a newbie at enjoying the thrills and the rush that accompanies gambling. This state is famous for its love of life and embracing the joys of gambling wholeheartedly. Victorians are a lively people who take their gambling seriously. Whether it’s placing a wager on a horse at the Melbourne Cup or on a roulette table at the Crown casino, every game is equally important.

When you’re blessed with perfect weather, being outdoors in the evening can be a great way to relax. Going to the casino house can be the icing on top. Unfortunately, getting to and from the casino isn’t always feasible. So what do you do when the urge to play comes upon you?

While not everyone is strong enough to talk themselves out of taking the bus to the casino, there is now a better option for one and all – online casino houses. These online casino games have brought back the joy of playing even to the older folk who perhaps because of age are no longer mobile and able to get themselves around to the local casino.

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The need to be watchful and regulate online gaming is of paramount importance. The Australian government leading up to the 1990s was a strong advocate for strict laws concerning the monitoring and regulation of operating bodies within states.

The state of Victoria’s responsible entity is the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. This entity looks out for the welfare of its community and seeks to bring money launderers and fraudsters to book. Those who want to operate within the confines of the law have to obtain a license to operate before they are allowed to open their venues to players.

Also in this regard, the VCGLR enforces the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act, which states that no licensed Australian operator may have a website that offers online casinos, roulette, poker, slots, craps or blackjack. This, however, does not mean Victorians are not allowed to access foreign-owned websites. Victorians are still able to play and enjoy all their favorite games on these sites.

We have put together a list of all the websites we have reviewed and the ones which have passed with flying colors through our testing system. You can find the full list here at


Let’s start by saying what a great casino doesn’t have. A grand Victoria casino does not have poor, shoddy service. It doesn’t have few games and unattractive packages and prizes. On the other hand, your expectations from a Victorian casino should include: a variety of table games, slots, pokies, roulette, the lot. You should expect prizes that excite you: the bigger, the better right? You should also expect free tables where you can easily get access.

It is absolutely vital to judge your online casino on certain factors that are critical to your overall gambling experience. The size and generosity of the welcome bonus should be of concern to you. Look for a variety in game selection. Do not forgo quality, if a casino offers a large number of widely known and popular games, it should be favored. In the bigger picture, the casino’s measures for security are extremely crucial. Since playing at a casino means trusting them with cash you’ve earned, it makes sense to become familiar with their software and encryption technology.

The truth is, wading in the waters of online gambling can be dangerous if you’re ill-informed or ignorant. However, if you’ve read up and are up to date, there’s nothing stopping you from taking the big bucks home!

Tyson Gregor

At Victoria online casinos indulge in some classic pokies or video based slots, try your luck at table games or enjoy "live" versions of casino games.

Tyson Gregor