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At CasinoOnline.com.au, our goal is to bring you the best Aussie online casinos that are worth playing at. If you ever have a question about any of our recommended casino picks, please get in touch with us. Our helpful staff has years of experience in the industry and we can help in many ways.


When you choose a live Australian casino to play at, you know you're setting foot inside somewhere reputable. After all, casinos in Australia answer to the government and have to play by some seriously significant rules. But online? Things are a little different.

There are hundreds of Internet casinos to choose from. And unfortunately, a lot of them aren't really built for Australian online casino players. In fact, many don't take Australian gambling regulations into account, nor do they offer Australian players peace of mind while by doing things like processing withdrawals quickly and providing solid customer support.

We don't think that's acceptable. As an Australian casino online player, you have the right to play casino games and feel comfortable doing so. You deserve to be able to play at a site that's regulated and reputable. And you deserve to be treated fairly and honestly.

You also deserve things like Aussie-friendly deposit and withdrawal options, English-speaking Customer Support agents, contact numbers that work from down under and that are accessible at times that work for Aussies, and the type of game selection that you'd find live. That's why we put every Australian online casino site we come across through the ringer.


Think of us as a funnel. At the top? Enough room for pretty much every online casino in the world. At the bottom? A tiny hole. Below that hole? Our list of the top Australian online casinos. To make it through that tiny hole and onto our list, every online casino is broken down into tiny pieces. We look at every inch of an online casino and only let the best casinos through. If a site fails to impress in any one category, no other category is allowed through the bottom of the funnel, regardless of how well the other categories have scored.

Our review process is extremely meticulous. Some casinos have called us unfair. But we're not here to support casino sites. We're here to support Australian casino games players. We know how important it is to find a great Internet gambling site, so we're not willing to put our players at risk by promoting a site that's just mediocre.


When we review a site, we don't just assume that it's good to go for good. Our rigorous testing process makes sure that we review the same online casino at least six times a year. We know that management at casinos can change and bring a casino down.

We also know that some casinos that rated poorly might drastically improve by year's end. We want to make sure that every pick we bring our readers is accurate and honest, so our system makes sure of that.