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Find New Australian Casinos Online In 2024

There are so many Australian online casinos cropping up at the moment that we have to admit it's not easy picking out the best casinos to play at with so many names around, which is why we've taken it upon ourselves to give Australians a helping hand with this.

The trick is distinguishing between the different types of casinos. You've got the big names that have been going at it for at least a decade and then some – these are the casinos that led the iGaming revolution. On the other hand, you've got newer casinos which may not have the history card to capitalise on, but still have very solid and growing reputations for delivering an all–round great gaming experience. The great thing about our number one gaming room, Spin Palace Casino, is that it's an established and respected member of the online gaming community that offers the newest and most innovative games.

No matter the actual reason, we think that you should definitely consider a new casino if you're on the hunt for a new website to wager your money at. We're here to make the decision process less overwhelming, having covered the following topics:

  • Why new casino online sites might be for you
  • How to spot the best new online casino destinations
  • What to expect from a new Australian online casino
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Here Comes Another New Site

You must be wondering why casino websites are being flipped up at the same rate as burgers. The truth is that it doesn’t take an awful lot to set up an online casino – it’s certainly a lot easier than going through the hassle of building a land casino. There are expenses, sure, but with the right marketing skills, the monetary returns are relatively immediate.

It helps that the great majority of casinos don’t create their own games from scratch, but rather make use of trusted iGaming suppliers. This means that you’ll find the same games being used at several casinos because they’re not owned by anyone other than the creators.

We’re not telling you this so that you can start a new online casino business venture, but so that you can understand how many things you really need to look out for when you’re on a casino hunt. The more aspects a casino skimps out on, the shadier it probably is. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight a few essentials that every casino should have.

What We Look For In New Online Casinos

When we evaluate a casino, we make sure we explore every aspect of it. We won’t give you any opinions about a casino unless we know everything we can about it. That’s why we’ve compiled a checklist.

Why You Should Play At A New Online Casino

It’s easy to opt for an online casino that’s been in the game for over a decade, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you research new casinos. These casinos need to prove themselves more than their more seasoned competitors, so the bonuses might be bigger, the payout rates might be higher, and the games might be more varied.

Furthermore, our website is full of download links for you to test out free online software for a number of new online casinos. That includes our personal top picks. If you’re hesitant about signing up to a casino you know nothing about, don’t be – you can play games for free until you’re sure!

Give It A Shot On Your Mobile Device

The new online casinos listed in our page also make use of software that is optimized for use on mobile devices. This means that you can test out these new casinos online from the comfort of your tablet and smartphone in any place you want.

Claire Heath

When we evaluate a casino, we make sure we explore every aspect. We won't offer opinions unless we know everything about a casino.

Claire Heath


How regularly do new casinos online appear?

There are new casinos popping up every month, but not all of these are reliable.

What are the benefits of new casinos?

New casinos will always try to attract new customers, so they will dish out very lucrative welcome bonuses and promotions.

Do new casinos accept Australian players?

Not all new online casinos are accessible to Aussies, so it would be best to check which players can open an account with a new casino.

Will there be sufficient traffic?

Some new casinos take longer than others to increase their traffic, but if you follow our tips on what to look for in a new casino, you are guaranteed a great gaming experience.

How can I be certain they are secure?

Not all new casinos will be secure, so if you want to be 100% safe we suggest that you stick to the casinos listed on our page.

Can I trust them when cashing out?

If the casino is on our list, it has been vetted so you can definitely trust that they will pay you your winnings.